Nur so…

by Geqqo

It ist nothing new. They start to spread every year around this time before WWDC and after january: Rumors about new Apple products, like the iWatch, an all-new Apple TV that could be a real TV instead of a set-top-box or new Macs.

Recently, there has been a rumor about a new 12” MacBook.

First of all the question is, why should they create a laptop of a new size which is very unlikely to be seen around the market. The standard steps are 13”, 15” and 17” screens for laptops.

But it gets interesting when media starts to write about a very thin device with no fans on it. That would be a great improvement, given fans use much power to cool down the CPU and especially GPU, so the battery dies much faster on complicated tasks not only due to more operations done by the processors but also due to higher activity of the fans.
Additionally, fans make some really annoying noise when you want to watch a movie or want to play a game, by the way ;)

Moreover, there are those screenshots of iOS 8 that show icons for some new apps like Helathbook.
But Healthbook is not what I want to talk about. The new TextEdit and Preview icons seem way more interesting to me. You may ask “Why the hell?”

I will tell you. Some years ago now, Apple expanded the team that, way back, managed switching the Mac from Motorola processors to Intel x86 architecture processors, again.
This is interesting because it gave a hint at Apple willing to go a step further and switch to ARM processors that are growing a big importance in future.

These ARM processors are what most mobile phones and tablets for example Apple’s iOS devices are based on.
And as we see, those processors do not need any fans due to getting too hot because they are very efficient in energy-usage and manage Retina Displays easily (iPad; I know they are smaller than the average Mac’s display but anyway, it is a starting point).
ARM processors in future Macs would improve battery-life of mobile Macs and make computers more environmentally friendly by lowering power consumption.

If you stop seeing every single one of these rumors as an individual one and start to count them all together, one could imagine an iOS powered MacBook, or iOSBook, coming up although the apps available for iOS are not optimized for use with a mouse and keyboard.

Apple could avoid this problem by closing the App Store to these new generation laptops and giving them an own Store, or, like in the past, making current Mac apps run on the new ARM platform, what would be vital for professional use anyways.